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Thank You to my special clients who have made Hire Art Services a success!

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 their innovative and exciting products!

Everything Orgo

The case that expands to give you more space!

Cozi Down

The blanket that converts to a backpack, tote bag or sleeping bag!


The revolutionary, water based, multi-surface protectant!


The kitchen accessory that holds pots firmly in place to keep everyone safe! A MUST for families with young children!


The innovative cover that protects and prolongs the life of your wiper blades.

The Garage Shield

A simple, durable, reliable, break-in deterrent shield that protects your garage from being broken into, blocking access to your home if your garage is attached.


The wet phone rescue pouch!

Coco Color

The all-in-one stylus that allows you to draw on your tablet and phone!

Atlantic Auto Glass

Your "go-to" mobile auto glass company for repair and replacement!


The DIY concrete coating that always keeps cool!

The Hindu on the Bindu

The storybook, doll and interactive website that provides a new tradition for all those who celebrate Diwali and all those who want to explore their imaginations!


The umbrella that provides all day shade, anywhere, from any angle!

Hang A Bunch

3 Styles of hangers available for optimal garment organization!