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Graphic Design, Live Caricatures, Fine Art!

An artist's story...
In 2015, after spending over 25 years in the design industry working for other people, it occurred to me I could be a Rock Star and start my own design firm, bringing the best of what I have to offer directly to those who need it most, at prices they can afford. I gave the business the moniker, "Hire Art Services" ...higher design for higher expectations.
Now going into its 6th year, Hire Art Services has allowed me to work from any location reaching clients both nationally and internationally, delivering my design solutions globally with the click of button! 
The result of this endeavor has made me feel like a Superhero! I have now worked with clients developing graphics for their amazing products from New Jersey to New Mexico, and Australia to Hong Kong! I have even had the pleasure of illustrating a children's book and making Live Caricature appearances at events ranging from Senior Proms, and Senior Citizen Barbecues, to Birthday Parties and Corporate Events. At last tally, I have drawn over 4,000 caricatures since opening my doors!

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